30 Years Since I Trained In Massage

Published on 21st February 2018


Cast your mind back to 1988- were you even born then?!! My goodness me, it’s 30 years since I qualified and got my ITEC diploma in Holistic Massage, to say time flies would be an understatement! And how things have changed!

Back then you almost had to get a carpenter to make you a massage couch- now you can buy them off ebay! Back then there was no such thing as the internet. Now our website is our only form of advertising!
Now massage is mainstream. There are massage magazines, a touch research institute and the General Council of Massage Therapy overseeing standards within the industry.
What will we see in the next 20 years I wonder? Really that is entirely up to us, our imagination, commitment, passion, desire, and determination.

I envisage in the next 20 years that governments, companies and individuals will have woken up and taken action to make the world a healthy, sustainable, thriving, safe and socially just place.
If you are alive today, you have a role to play!! No doubt you are interested in our Anatomy and Physiology courses because you are looking to train in a therapy. Our course was created in 2009 when I owned a leading school of massage for our students, who went on to have successful careers as massage therapists.
Our anatomy and physiology and pathology course has stood the test of time. 9 years on it is still fresh, effective and popular amongst people wanting to train in massage but also a myriad of other therapies such as Kinesiology, Indian head massage, aromatherapy, yoga, beauty therapy and reflexology.
Now is definitely the time to train so that we can really influence the nations health for the better.

“Half of all GP appointments, and £7 in every £10 spent on health and social care, is taken up caring for people living with long-term conditions. As the population  ages, the proportion of people affected and the demand on health and social services will continue to rise. A growing body of evidence shows that, done properly, a system that supports people with long-term conditions to manage their own health has benefits for the person, their health and for health services."

We can all benefit from the stress reducing effects of complementary therapies. One in five visits to GP surgeries are stress related and the 2013 NHS information centre survey revealed that hospital admissions for stress have risen by 7% in just twelve months. complementary therapies provide a preventative role in health care whilst also reducing the symptoms of many diseases and disorders. Massage for example is widely used in managing back pain, has a role to play in reducing absenteeism at work and is employed in specialist hospitals in assisting in recovery from treatment and surgery. It can raise self esteem and self worth amongst the sick, mentally ill and elderly and is widely provided throughout the UK in hospices often by massage therapists who volunteer their time to improve quality of life and reduce the pain and suffering of the terminally ill.

We need to create a cultural shift that recognises the crucial importance of touch for our mental and physical wellbeing and embrace the professional role of the complementary therapist as a catalyst for the release of stress, tension and stimulated good health.

Complementary therapies are not a luxury for the few, a reward or treat but an essential, cost effective and often cost saving therapy.

So come get qualified in anatomy and physiology and be the change to a healthier world!



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